RingTrue products are manufactured
by HighPowerOptics

  • RingTrue Alignment Tool ll
  • RingTrue Tape

Other HighPowerOptics products :

  • BT Turret Knob Tool
  • Rifle Scope Stands

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In-depth understanding of sport optics and the human vision system, combined with decades of experience in optical research.

Unparalleled support to our customers. Contact us to discuss your vision issues. We can help you get the most out of your sport optics.

Unique accessories for Swarovski products:

  • Micrometer Style Turrets
  • BT Knob Turret Tool
  • More products to be released soon!

Look for Swarovski products bundled
with HighPowerOptics accessories


  • RingTrue Alignment Tool

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  • RingTrue Tape

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  • Micrometer-Style Turrets

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  • Swarovski Rifle Scopes

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      What others have to say:

      Scott, Oklahoma

      “Get a HighPowerOptics RingTrue alignment tool. It is fast, inexpensive, and the best way I have found. It aligns the reticle with the center of the bore.”

      David, Texas

      “Now enter the RingTrue reticle alignment tool. I spoke with Bruce Winker briefly on the phone who by the way is quite knowledgeable about getting your scope and bore lined up properly and was very helpful… I won’t go into all the details but I was able in about 30 minutes to get my Vortex scope centered up and leveled perfectly adding a Holland level on as well… Took it to the range and bore sighted which meant bringing my windage from almost all the left being used back to almost perfect center of left and right. I definitely give this tool a two thumbs up.”

      Paul, Alaska

      “The Swaro Z5s do need the aftermarket turrets from HighPowerOptics in order to be able to twist turrets for LRH use. I’ve just had those HighPowerOptics turrets installed on my Z5, and this scope is now the best fit I’ve ever had on any of my backpacking LRH rifles.”

      Len Backus, LongRangeHunting.com

      “I use Bruce’s tape all the time. Good stuff.”

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