Instructional Videos

Advanced Rifle Scope Installation, by Bruce Winker, President of High Power Optics.

1. Introduction – Advanced Riflescope Installation (in final editing)

2. Barrel Alignment Inspection – Proper barrel-to-receiver alignment is essential for the rifle scope to operate within the expected elevation and windage adjustment range. This inspection takes only about 10 minutes.

3. Rail and Ring Mount Inspection – This video on inspection of rail linearity and two-piece mount alignment is the foundation for the rest of the scope installation process. This inspection takes less than 10 minutes.

4. Picatinny Rail Installation. In this video I also discuss shimming two-piece mounts to correct misalignment. (Release date: August 2023

5. RingTrue™ Tape Installation. In this video I briefly discuss ring selection and ring lapping as well. (Release Date: June 2023)

6. RingTrue™ Alignment Tool (Release Date: July 2023)

7. Boresight Collimator (Release Date: September 2023)