Kit Contents

The RingTrue™ kit includes everything you need to perform the entire process on your rifle. The RingTrue™ process includes the following tools and features:

  •  Alignment bars and feeler gauges – Precisely measure ring misalignment.
  • Boresight collimator (calibrated to +/- 2 MOA) – Provides an accurate rifle boresight reference and includes a spirit level. Multiple barrel attachments can be provided.
  • Alignment telescope (used with the boresight collimator) – Measures vertical boresight misalignment.
  • Lapping bar for your scope tube diameter – Rings are lapped before scope installation. Lapping increases ring contact area and prevents unnecessary stress on the scope.
  • RingTrue™ tape (applied after lapping) – Increases ring contact area and maximizes grip on the scope.
  • Torque wrench, spinner handle and common bits for bases and rings – Insures proper torque for your specific base and ring combination.
  • RingTrue™ reticle leveler – Aligns reticle to bore, enabling long range shots without canting errors.
  • Installation instructions, checklist and demonstration video – Provide clear instructions on boresighting, scope installation, ring lapping, reticle alignment and optical zeroing.

Figure 1. RingTrue™ rifle scope installation kit contents.

Note: Our process requires a sturdy vise to hold the rifle. We recommend the Tipton Best Gun Vise. If you don’t have one, we can rent one to you that will make working on your rifle convenient and precise.

The RingTrue™ installation kit provides detailed instructions for a wide variety of base and ring combinations, with critical steps illustrated in the video. Our kits include all the necessary tools and materials, and are compact and lightweight.

HighPowerOptics continues to research alignment methods and tools, and frequently updates the RingTrue™ process. Our customers always have access to the latest techniques and tools. You don’t have to use trial and error to find a process that’s fast, reliable and accurate.