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Combo: Two BT Turret Knobs + Custom Ballistic Label

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This item offers a discount on the combination of two Turret Knobs (see below) and one Custom Ballistic Label.

Price if bought separately: $169.85

         -> Discount Price: $139.85 – Save $30!

Use this option if you want two completely separate Turret Knobs, one with the standard IPHY/mil label and the other with a Custom Ballistic Label. People choose this option when they want to frequently switch between the two different labels. We ship the standard IPHY/mil BT turret knobs immediately, and you have up to six months to provide us with ballistic data for your Custom Ballistic Label.

HighPowerOptics now supplies attractive turret knobs for Swarovski BT turrets that make dialing for long range shots easier and faster. Our turret knobs fit Swarovski BT turrets on Z3, Z5(i) and Z6(i) rifle scopes. The HighPowerOptics turret knob consists of a re-usable turret blank and replaceable, weatherproof label. The turret blank has a matte surface finish and includes a unique knurled ring that provides a good grip with wet or dry fingers, or with gloves. The turret blank replaces the Swarovski marking rings and positively engages with the spline on the BT knob (the same way that the marking rings do). The turret blank won’t scuff the marking rings because they’re not used.

Why is the HighPowerOptics turret knob better than our competitor’s laser-engraved ballistic knobs?

  • Knurled turret ring for a good grip in wet weather or with gloves
  • Larger diameter label provides space for actual range values (e.g., “400” vs just “4”)
  • Much lower cost ($59.95 for an IPHY/mil knob for measuring bullet drops; as little as $95 for a custom ballistic knob)
  • Replaceable custom ballistic labels allow you to re-use the turret blank for your ballistic turret, saving you $hundreds if you change loads more than once.
  • Won’t scratch your Swarovski BT marking rings (our turret blank replaces the marking rings)

Our standard knob comes with a one-turn (one row of markings) turret label having either IPHY or mil markings, depending on the scope model. We provide two varieties of labels: plain and gloss (see below). These labels are made from durable, weather-resistant polyester films that will last many seasons. The turret is supplied with one label already attached and includes three spare labels, in the event you replace the original label with a custom ballistic label and then later want to go back to the original IPHY/mil label.

We offer an optional two-turn label that has two rows of markings. To rotate the Swarovski BT turret more than one turn, you will need to remove the zero stop from inside the BT turret. To avoid damaging the internal plastic parts in the Swarovski BT turret, we highly recommend that you purchase our BT Turret Tool ($10.95) for removing the zero stop.

Contact Us to receive a coupon for the purchase of a Swarovski BT rifle scope with a HighPowerOptics Turret Knob.

Custom Ballistic Turret Labels Available. The turret label is removable and can be replaced with a custom ballistic label that has range markings instead of elevation markings. You can purchase the custom ballistic label from either HighPowerOptics or Custom Turret Systems (see details below).

The HighPowerOptics turret blank provides an affordable means of obtaining multiple custom ballistic turrets for different loads or shooting altitudes. Turret blanks can easily be replaced in the field. The alternative is purchasing multiple custom laser-engraved aluminum turrets at $129-$149 each that cannot be reused. The HighPowerOptics turret blank can be reused indefinitely by applying different turret labels. The HighPowerOptics turret blank can save you $hundreds! Here are examples of how much you can save:


Laser-engraved Aluminum Turret3

Savings with HPO Turret 

Turret Blank1

Custom Label2


1st Custom Turret


$34.99 $94.94 $129.00


2nd Custom Turret


$34.99 $129.93 $258.00


3rd Custom Turret


$34.99 $164.92 $387.00


Notes: 1. Reuse 1st turret blank for subsequent turrets. 2. DIY option (see below). 3. Lowest cumulative cost you would pay.

The HighPowerOptics turret blank is easy to install. Simply remove the BT turret cap and the three marking rings. The turret blank fits over the BT coupling (the part that the marking rings slide over). Align the zero on the turret blank label with the white triangle on the bottom of the coupling, and gently press the turret blank down onto the coupling. Then install the BT turret cap. Instructions for installing the turret blank and replacing the label are provided. The turret blank doesn’t alter the function of the BT zero stop.

Z3 and Z5 turret knobs are in-stock, and usually ship within 24-hours. Z6 turret knobs are made to order and usually take an extra day to ship.

Here’s what you get:

  • 2 turret blanks for your model scope, with either a one- or two-turn plain label applied
  • 2 spare gloss labels
  • Plastic tweezers with a silicone tip for applying labels
  • Instructions for installing the turret blank and replacing labels
  • Plus 1 custom ballistic label (see order procedure)

Spare standard or custom ballistic labels can be purchased for all HighPowerOptics turret blanks ($10.95 for a set of four labels). We keep your custom label design on file in case you need more labels later.

The HighPowerOptics turret blank comes with a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship. If the turret blank cracks or becomes damaged to the point of no longer fitting on the BT coupling, HighPowerOptics will replace it free of charge. This warrantee does not cover cosmetic damage due to normal use or abuse that does not affect its function.

Proudly made in the USA.

Ordering Custom Ballistic Turret Labels. You have two options, depending on how much hands-on support you want developing the ballistic drop table.

HighPowerOptics – The Do-It-for-Me option. The label is designed by our ballistics expert to your load ballistics or drop data, and then fit-checked with a turret blank. Four labels are printed, cut and delivered for $49.95, plus shipping. Available in black and white, with or without a gloss laminated protective layer.

Custom Ballistic Labels for BT Turrets

Custom Turret Systems – The DIY option. You design your own label using CTS’ easy-to-use Label Builder software and have CTS print, cut and deliver four labels for $34.99, plus $3.00 shipping. Available in black and white, color and with or without a gloss laminated protective layer. You can order from CTS at any time. You’ll need to enter the HighPowerOptics turret blank dimensions:
Diameter=1.162 in; Height=0.250 in

Custom Turret Systems

Plain vs gloss? We supply labels in two varieties: The plain label has a matte, laser printed surface; and the gloss label has a protective gloss film applied to the laser printed label. The choice between these two labels is mostly cosmetic.

The matte surface of plain label is a better match to the matte surfaces of the rifle scope. The gloss label has slightly darker black background, giving the white font a slightly higher contrast. Offsetting this is a higher specular reflection with the gloss label, which reduces contrast at some angles. In practice, however, specular reflection is rarely an issue because the viewer’s body blocks light from reflecting off the part of the label that is being read (i.e., the part aligned with the dot).  While the printing on the plain label is very durable, the bare laser printed surface is prone to slight wear marks. The gloss label is impervious to any visible wear marks. We supply spare labels of both types so that you can try them both and decide which one you prefer.

Weather Resistance: HighPowerOptics turret blanks are made from an engineering polymer that is durable and resistant to moisture and sunlight. The plain and gloss labels use laser printing and durable polyester label materials that are both waterproof and tear-proof. Our labels use permanent adhesives that will not peel from the turret under normal use. Turret and label materials are rated to -22 °F to +158 °F (-30 °C / +70 °C), which is the same temperature rating of Swarovski scopes. Our turret blanks and label products have been subject to rigorous thermal cycling, humidity and UV exposure tests.

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