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Custom Ballistic Label for Swarovski BT Turrets



Note: These labels do not fit factory Swarovski BT turrets. They only fit BT turret blanks supplied by HighPowerOptics. Turret blanks are purchased separately:

Turret Blanks for Swarovski BT Turrets

This is the full-service, Do-It-for-Me option for getting a custom ballistic label for your HighPowerOptics Turret Blank. The label is designed by our ballistics expert based on your ammunition ballistics or drop data. We can supply either a one-turn or two-turn label (see image above). The one turn label has a large font on one row of distance marks, corresponding to one turn of the turret. The two-turn label has smaller font on two rows of distances, corresponding to the first and second turns of the turret.

Because the ballistic turrets from HighPowerOptics have a larger diameter, the ballistic labels include more range detail than other BT ballistic knobs. Our range values are in units of yards or meters (e.g., “400” instead of just “4”), per your request.  Numerical range values are provided every 50 range units. Interposing 25 ranges are indicated with a vertical line. The location of each range value is rounded off to the nearest click mark. There is a triangle below every range value at multiples of 100. IPHY/mil click marks are located at the bottom of the label.

Ordering process:

  1. You place the order here
  2. We email a Ballistic Data form to you in which you provide ballistic data for your rifle/ammo, the approximate atmospheric conditions where you will use the label, and you specify the type of label.
  3. You email the form back to us.
  4. We design, make and ship the labels to you.

The options for the label that you specify on the Ballistic Data form include:

  • Scope model – Z5 (all models), Z6 2.5-15×44, etc.
  • Type of label – either one- or two-turn
  • Label finish – either plain or gloss

Ballistic Data: We design the label using a ballistic drop table for your ammunition. We calculate the drop table based on the information that you provide to us on the Ballistic Data form. We offer two options for calculating the drop table:

  1. Your Measured Drop Data. We calculate a ballistic coefficient and a drop table that precisely matches the bullet drop for your ammunition. We do this by emailing a form to you that you fill out with drop data that you take at the range. You also tell us the approximate altitude and temperature for your shooting conditions.

We then fit a ballistic coefficient to your drop data and provide a drop table – with wind drift for 10 mph full value wind – for your elevation and atmospheric conditions. Using the form makes the process of calculating a BC value fool-proof and eliminates any trial and error in the process. There is no extra charge for this service.

You do not need to do any calculations to fill out this form. You email us a copy (or text us a smart phone photo) of the completed form. Included with the labels is the ballistic coefficient (BC) and drop table for the elevation and atmospheric conditions that you indicated on the form. The BC that we calculate allows you to calculate an accurate drop table for any elevation and atmospheric condition in the future.

  1. Ballistic Coefficient. You tell us the ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, approximate altitude and temperature for your shooting conditions. We calculate a drop table for those conditions.

When we receive your order, we’ll email a form to you so that you can provide your ballistic drop data. Here’s what you get with your order:

  • Four labels that fit the turret blank you selected
  • A drop table and image of your ballistic label
  • Special tweezers with a silicone tip for applying your label
  • Instructions for removing and applying labels

We stand behind every turret label that we make. If it doesn’t properly fit* your BT Turret Blank, we will make new ones for you that do fit.

* Labels made by HighPowerOptics for the BT turret blanks are guaranteed to match the click spacing of your turret to within +/-0.25 click when the left and right ends of the label meet on the turret.

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