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Micrometer Style Turret for Swarovski Z6(i) – BRX/BRH Reticle



Micrometer Style Turret Knobs: Z6(i) Scopes with BRX/BRH Reticle

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 Elevation Knob                     $72.95  

 Windage Knob                     $72.95   

 Elevation and Windage      $99.95  

Micrometer Style Knobs are available for Swarovski Z3/Z5/Z6 rifle scopes that have low-profile, capped turrets. These unique products are only available from HighPowerOptics.

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The Micrometer Knobs have click marks and elevation / windage values printed completely around the knob. Using numerical click values, Swarovski owners can now easily dial elevation/windage hold-offs, record zeros for different ammunition, and dial 5.0 mrad elevation hold-offs to extend the range of BRX/BRH reticles. Long-range shooters can accurately dial large hold-offs – larger than Ballistic Turret knobs will allow.

The Micrometer Knob has click numbers that are comparable in size to the magnification values on the zoom ring. It has click values in units of either inches per hundred yards (IPHY) or milliradians (10 cm/100 m), depending on the scope model.  Elevation knobs have click values increasing right to left from zero, while windage knobs have the click values increasing in both directions from zero.  The turret is wrapped with a durable, weatherproof polymer label that can be removed and replaced using tweezers (provided).

By comparison, the standard Swarovski low-profile knob has click marks printed half-way around the knob, and it has no click values. The standard turret knob has a slight taper. Labels don’t adhere to this conical surface because the adhesive is in contact only at the top of the label.

Turret Upgrade Process:

  1. Customer removes scope from rifle, and ships the scope to HighPowerOptics in North Carolina.
  2. HighPowerOptics performs the turret upgrade in our shop.
  3. HighPowerOptics ships the scope back to the Customer.

The rifle scope must be sent to HighPowerOptics for this turret upgrade, which takes less than five working days. The original Swarovski low-profile knob is exchanged for the new Micrometer Knob.  Any scope sent to HighPowerOptics for upgrade of the turret knob must include the original Swarovski low-profile knob.

Elevation Knobs: Four different label designs are available for Z6 elevation turrets. Click values are in units of 0.1 mrad (10 cm/100 m). Design A has a single row of marks and click values. Design B has two rows of numbers, displaying click values for two full rotations of the knob. The increased range of the two rotation label provides at least 1,000 yds of elevation adjustment for many flat shooting, long-range calibers.

The BR version of the Design A and B labels are designed for scopes with BRX/BRH reticles. BR labels have a triangle at 5 mrads, which is 1-2 revolutions from zero, depending on the scope model.  The BRX/BRH reticles provide hold-offs for 0-5 mrad of elevation. Setting the elevation to 5 mrad drops the BRX/BRH reticle to allow hold-offs for 5-10 mrad of elevation, which extends the range to beyond 1,000 yds for long range calibers.

Each elevation Micrometer Knob is supplied with six labels: three each of Design A and B. The turret knob comes with a Design A label already applied to the knob. Customers can choose either the standard or the BR version of the elevation label.

Windage Knobs: Windage knobs have the click values increasing in both directions from zero.  Each windage knob is supplied with three labels, one applied to the turret plus two spares.

Why do we provide extra labels? Many of our customers also buy custom labels designed for a specific load. If they change loads, they need to apply one of the standard IPHY labels to determine the new ballistic drop vs range. We supply extra elevation labels just in case the first one gets damaged, although that would be rare. The labels we provide are very durable and hold up to normal use without showing any wear. Tweezers for removing and applying labels are provided with each order.

Labels produced by HighPowerOptics fit Micrometer Knobs securely. The turret label has a low gloss, matte surface, and is firmly attached to the Micrometer Knob using a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Labels can be removed only by using tweezers. Application of new labels to the Micrometer Knob is easy and instructions are provided. The label is impervious to weather, including water, humidity, ultraviolet light, hot or cold temperatures, etc.

The Micrometer Knobs from HighPowerOptics function exactly like the original Swarovski hunting knobs. The inside of the Micrometer Knob is identical to the original Swarovski low-profile knob. It features the same Swarovski finger-resettable zero feature, and the Swarovski protective cap fits over the Micrometer Knob in the same way. Upgrading the turret to a Micrometer Knob does not affect the Swarovski warranty.

Micrometer Knobs can be purchased as an option with the purchase of a new Swarovski scope, or they can be purchased separately. Micrometer Knobs must be installed by HighPowerOptics. The original Swarovski low-profile knob must be exchanged for the new Micrometer Knob.  Any scope sent to HighPowerOptics for upgrade of the turret knob must include the original Swarovski low-profile knob, and the original knob is not returned to the customer. Upgraded scopes will be returned within 5 working days of receiving the scope at HighPowerOptics.

Custom ballistic turret labels will soon be available from HighPowerOptics for all Micrometer Knobs for Swarovski scopes. Customers will be able to design their own custom label from a ballistic drop table for their ammunition.

Shipping: Customers will receive shipping instructions within 24 hours by email. Scopes will be shipped back to the customer within five working days of receipt.


Labels:  Labels supplied by HighPowerOptics for Swarovski rifle scopes turrets are guaranteed to be accurate when applied to Micrometer Style Knobs installed by HighPowerOptics. The printed click marks and numbers are guaranteed to match the true click mark spacing within +/0.5 clicks. Our labels are guaranteed not to come off the turret during normal use. Labels can only be used once and cannot be re-applied after being removed from a turret. The label print is weatherproof and guaranteed not to wear off or fade. If a label sold by HighPowerOptics fails to meet these standards, we will replace it, free of charge. This warrantee covers normal use of the label, and does not cover cuts or abrasion from sharp metal edges, damage due to excessive heat, or failure to apply the label correctly. This guarantee does not cover application of labels to Swarovski low-profile turrets or turrets not sold by HighPowerOptics. Micrometer Style Knobs: Removal and installation of Micrometer Style Knobs on Swarovski rifle scopes must be performed by HighPowerOptics.  HighPowerOptics is not liable for damage to a Swarovski rifle scope due to removal or installation of a low-profile turret knob by anyone else.

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