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RingTrue™ Reticle Alignment Tool II


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RingTrue™ Reticle Alignment Tool II  MSRP: $44.95

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MFR Part #: RTAT02

The RingTrue™ Reticle Alignment Tool II accurately aligns the scope reticle to the rifle bore. This lightweight leveling instrument includes an accurate spirit level.Proper use of this tool will eliminate range-dependent aiming errors due to a misaligned reticle.

It’s a scope alignment multi-tool! 

But this tool has many other uses as well. It can be used to accurately level the scope when mounting an anti-cant indicator. It can also be used to plumb targets at the range, and to confirm alignment of the reticle to the turret axis. This product has a lifetime guarantee against defects.

This new version of the design includes an elastic shock cord for securing the RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II to the rifle scope during scope alignment.

Don’t be deceived by the low price. We use innovative manufacturing methods to keep the price low. The RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II is a highly accurate instrument that enables precise alignment of the rifle scope reticle (or elevation turret axis) to the rifle bore. It enables proper scope alignment for all types of shooting, especially long range shooting. It includes a spirit level that is accurately aligned to the vertical reference lines and edges of the tool.

The RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II prevents canting errors due to improper scope alignment. It does this by aligning the reticle axis (or elevation turret axis) so that it passes through the bore of the rifle. This reticle alignment prevents aiming errors that increase with range.

When the RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II is used to align an anti-cant indicator, increasing the reticle elevation will put all shots on a vertical line, instead of a tilted line (see figure below).

Other “levelers” and scope alignment levels are assembled using injection molded parts that fit together with loose tolerances. The RingTrue™ tool has precisely machined square edges and etched scope alignment marks. The RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II is hand calibrated on an accurate surface plate, and the spirit level is guaranteed accurate to within +/-30 minutes of arc. Typical accuracy is +/-15 minutes of arc (0.25 degree).

To prevent canting errors due to tilting the rifle during the shot, the anti-cant indicator should be attached to the scope tube, not to the rail. When inverted, the RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II becomes an accurate level for plumbing any horizontal or vertical surface, such as turret knob, cap, housing, etc. It is the most accurate spirit level available for $40 and will enable you to align the anti-cant indicator to within +/-30 minutes of arc (0.5 degree). With the RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II, no other levels are needed to align your scope. The tool can also be used to plumb targets at the range.

Reticle Alignment Process. The reticle alignment process has two parts.

1. The RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II is aligned to the barrel and objective bell. The symmetric lines engraved on the RingTrue™ tool enable it to be quickly and precisely centered on the objective bell. The double-stick tape on the back of the tool holds it in place against the objective bell. The rifle is rotated until the spirit level on the alignment tool is level, and then the rifle is held in this position.

2. The RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II is removed from the barrel and held in place on the turret or turret cap, or against the turret housing. The shock cord allows the scope to be held firmly in place. The scope is rotated until the turret assembly is level. When the tool is inverted it will stand on any flat, horizontal surface, such as the top of a turret knob or cap. The tool can also be placed against any flat edge on the turret body. At this point the ring cap screws are tightened using a torque wrench, while checking that the scope does not rotate. The RingTrue™ Alignment Tool II will reduce reticle misalignment to less than +/-0.5 degree.

In some scopes there is a small alignment error between the reticle axes and the turret axes. In this case, the final reticle alignment process depends on the type of elevation adjustment that will be used. The boresight reticle alignment process we just described makes the turret axis pass through the center of the bore. This method is preferred when the turrets are dialed for elevation.

If instead a bullet drop compensated (BDC) reticle is used for elevation, align the reticle to a plumb line or level line located at least 20 ft in front of the rifle.

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US patent #9,115,957

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