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Turret Tool for Swarovski BT Riflescopes


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The BT turret on Swarovski Z3, Z5 and Z6(i) riflescopes provides very reproducible elevation clicks and has a zero stop, but the zero stop limits the elevation adjustment to less than 1 turn of the turret. That’s enough elevation adjustment for shots out to 500-700 yds, depending on the caliber and bullet. To shoot longer distances, the zero stop must be removed.

Removing the zero stop on a Swarovski BT turret requires disassembly of the BT turret. The zero stop is held in place by plastic spring clips. Using steel jaw pliers to compress these spring clips leaves scratches and gouge marks on the plastic. It’s easy to apply excessive force with pliers, which can damage one or both springs. The RingTrue BT Turret Tool enables rifle scope users to remove and install the zero stop easily and without damaging the internal plastic BT turret parts.

The RingTrue BT Turret Tool is made from a durable polymer material that is softer than the polymer used in the BT turret, which prevents the tool from damaging the turret components. The BT Turret Tool has pliers on one end and a tapered fork on the other. The pliers are used to compress the spring clips, allowing easy removal of the top coupling gear and the bottom zero stop. The pliers end has an internal stop that prevents the spring clips from being compressed too far. The tapered fork compresses the clips so that the top coupling gear can be re-installed. The BT tool passes our 3-foot drop test on a hardwood floor (10 drops; no cracks or bondline failures). The polymer material is rated for indoor use only and is not suitable for high temperatures or extended exposure to sunlight.

The RingTrue BT Turret Tool works with all Swarovski BT turrets on Z3, Z5 and Z6(i) scopes. The RingTrue BT Turret Tool has a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks or fails to function as intended, just send it back and we’ll replace it for free.

This product is made in the USA.

The rifle scope shown in the photos is not included. The Swarovski keyring tool shown in the photos is originally supplied by Swarovski with the Z3, Z5 and Z6(i) scopes and is not included in this sale.

The RingTrue BT Turret Tool is easy to use – see the figures in the Additional Info tab. First, use the Swarovski keyring tool to remove the cap and then the coupler and marking rings (steps 1-2). A 3/8″ nylon washer and a metric 4mm machine screw can be used instead of the Swarovski keyring tool. Using the pliers on the BT Turret Tool, compress the spring clips and pull off the top coupling gear (step 3). Repeat this step to remove the bottom zero stop. Using the tapered fork on the BT Turret Tool to compress the spring clips, install the coupling gear (step 4). Then reassemble the BT turret, reversing steps 1-2.

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