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Wheeler Anti-Cant Indicator 30 mm


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Wheeler Anti-Cant Indicator 30 mm           MSRP: $39.99

HIGHPOWEROptics Sale Price: $29.99

Mfr no: 76612 (30 mm)

The Wheeler Anti-Cant Indicator ensures that your scope is always held near perfectly vertical, eliminating any chance for “cant error” to cause a miss. 

  • Indicates precise, repeatable level scope position
  • Increases accuracy by insuring proper scope alignment, which is critical for turret adjustment and hold over for bullet drop compensation
  • Easy-to-view from shooting position
  • Attaches to scope, folds in when not in use
  • Precision machined aluminum with anodized finish

HighPowerOptics: We’ve tested several folding anti-cant indicators and this one offers excellent value. When the indicator is mounted between the turret and the eyepiece, the spirit level extends far enough to see with either eye. The indicator folds out of harm’s way when carrying or storing the rifle. The spirit level is unaffected by recoil. 

Use our RingTrue Reticle Alignment Tool to align the reticle and level the rifle when installing the anti-cant indicator.


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