Rental Kits

RingTrue™ Installation Kits for Every Rifle

 Basic tool kit

  • Torque wrench and bits
  • ¼” spinner handle
  •  HPO boresight collimator
  • One collimator spud and arbor
  • Demonstration Video
  • 4X alignment telescope
  • HPO magnetic spirit level
  • Right angle ruler
  • Blue thread locking cmpnd
  • Reticle Leveler
  • Instruction Manual, Checklist
  • Emergency parts kit

Shipping is free both ways for merchandize orders over $200 (not including rental price of kit).

Kit rental prices do not include the cost of bases or rings

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Contents / Kit Signature Integral Mount Gold Platinum
Tool kit rental price $55 $60 $65 $80
HPO rifle leveling vise +$25 +$25 +$20 +$20
Rental period 5 days 5 days 5 days 10 days
Type of bases Any Integral* Any Any
Type of rings Burris Signature Rail or dovetail Any Any
Basic tool kit
Ring lapping bar
(corrects most ring problems)
HPRingTrue™ tape
(increases grip; prevents scratches; up to three scopes)
Ring alignment bar & rod
(to align bases to bore and measure ring mis-alignment)
Three collimator arbors
(all calibers up to .45)
Extra RingTrue™ tape
(installs up to nine scopes)