Rifle Scope Installation

HighPowerOptics offers complete kits for sale and for rent that allow shooters to install their own rifle scopes properly and without risking damage to their scope. Our kits use the RingTrue™ installation process, which covers all aspects of rifle scope boresighting, mounting, alignment and zeroing. This process uses our unique RingTrue scope tape, which increases grip and protects the scope tube from scratches. We include a generous amount of RingTrue™ tape in each rental kit. Previous customers can order replacement RingTrue™ tape.

Our rental kits provide all the necessary tools and materials to let the do-it-yourselfer install a rifle scope with essentially the same care and precision that a master gunsmith would take. We use only quality tools and materials in the RingTrue™ installation kits. Many of the tools are designed and built to our specifications and are not available elsewhere. Our kits are compact and lightweight.

The RingTrue™ installation kit provides detailed instructions for a wide variety of base and ring combinations, with critical steps illustrated in a video.

HighPowerOptics continues to research alignment methods and tools, and frequently updates the RingTrue process. Our customers always have access to the latest techniques and tools. You don’t have to use trial and error to find a process that’s fast, reliable and accurate.

The rental kits include over $500 worth of tools and cost about 10% of that cost to rent. The rental price includes the tools and materials and does not include the cost of the scope, base or rings. If you only install a rifle scope once or twice a year, renting a kit offers the best value. If you order over $300 worth of merchandise (such as a rifle scope, binocular or spotting scope) with your kit, shipping is free – both ways!

The installation process requires you to have a stable rifle vise. If you do not have one, we can rent one to you.