RingTrue Process

Our RingTrue™ scope installation process covers

Most people skip the boresighting process and immediately install the rifle scope. Doing this leads to numerous problems with point-of-aim drift, poor optical performance, limited reticle adjustment range, and excessively lapped rings that don’t fit your scope. The RingTrue™ installation process guides you through the boresighting, ring lapping, scope alignment and zeroing process. Compared to other methods, the RingTrue™ process provides these benefits:

  • Installation and boresighting at one location, without having to take the rifle outside to look down the bore.
  • Accurate measurement of base and ring alignment errors so that scope alignment problems can be properly diagnosed.
  • Scope installation without scratching your scope tube. Our alignment telescope takes the abuse of boresighting; our RingTrue™ tape protects your scope tube.
  • Stress-free scope mountingRingTrue™ tape provides 100% contact between the ring and tube surface, which minimizes point-of-aim changes.
  • Ring lapping without removing excessive ring material. Rings are properly aligned to each other and fit the scope after lapping.
  • Proper boresighting, installation, alignment and optical zeroing – quickly, reliably and with the minimum number of tools.
  • Proper reticle alignment for long range shooting. Eliminates canting errors due to reticle not being properly aligned to the rifle bore.
  • Compact, portable and lightweight tools that minimize return shipping costs.

The RingTrue™ installation process doesn’t use lasers, cheap tools or gimmicks.
Every tool has been selected and/or built to our specifications.