RingTrue Tape

The RingTrue™ process relies on ring lapping followed by application of RingTrue™ tape. This process produces perfectly aligned rings that impart no stress to the scope and leave no marks on the scope tube. This process results in 100% contact area between the ring and scope tube surfaces.

Ring lapping removes striations and other surface imperfections from the ring manufacturing processes, and corrects any minor misalignment between the rings. Because most rings are made from extruded aluminum, the ring surfaces have striations from the extrusion process that prevent uniform contact between the scope and tube (see Figure 2). These surface features are often large enough to impart stress on the scope tube as well. Lapping is necessary for all types of rings, including machined tactical rings. Lapping should always be done before applying RingTrue™ tape.

Figure 2. Left: Non-uniform contact between ring and scope tube due to extrusion marks (striations).
Right: Uniform surface contact between ring and scope tube after lapping the rings.

RingTrue™ scope mounting tape was developed by HighPowerOptics. This tape has a 0.0010” thick, incredibly strong polymer film attached to a 0.0015” thick adhesive layer (see Figure 3). The tape conforms to the surface texture of both the ring and scope tube, providing the maximum possible contact area between the two surfaces. This is especially important for scopes with a matte surface finish. The tape and adhesive are highly resistant to heat and moisture. This method of installing a scope provides:

  • Maximum grip on the scope tube with minimum stress. The contact area between the ring and scope is 100%. Conventional ring-to-scope contact area is less than 50%.
  • Scratch-free scope mounting. No more “ring marks” on your scope!
  • Protects steel rings from rust after lapping. All-weather tape is unaffected by heat, moisture or ultraviolet light. Protects steel rings from rust after lapping.

Figure 3. RingTrue™ contact area is 100%.

Some of the other important features of RingTrue™ scope installation kits:

  • Boresight collimator: Provides a properly calibrated boresight reference for the last two inches of rifle bore. Sighting down the bore from the breach produces an error if the barrel is bent. The boresight collimator is calibrated on an optical bench to an accuracy of +/-2 MOA.
  • Alignment bars and rod: Our alignment bars have flat ends, which enable fast inspection and precise measurement of the alignment of the rings to each other using feeler gauges. Alignment bars with pointed ends do not reveal angular alignment errors between the rings. The alignment rod fits in one end of the front bar, and allows you to check alignment of the rings with the rifle barrel.
  • 4X alignment scope: This scope has an optically centered reticle that allows accurate measurement of the boresight misalignment between the axis of the rifle bore and the axis of the rings. The 4X scope takes the abuse of handling and until your scope is ready to be installed.
  • Reticle leveler: Simple tool aligns reticle to bore, enabling long range shots without canting errors. The scope reticle is leveled, making it easy to align an anti-cant indicator.
  • Magnetic spirit levels are lapped and calibrated to +/-0.25 degree accuracy.
  • Our kits include everything you need. Even the single edge razor blades are provided and have been tested to meet our specs for cutting RingTrue™ tape!
  • Optional leveling vise: Lightweight, compact and stable rifle vise that allows you to keep the rifle level during the scope installation and reticle alignment process.