Swarovski Z6i Illuminated

Z6i illuminated scopes offer unmatched optical performance. They feature high definition (HD) lenses, a 6:1 zoom range, and Austrian mechanics. A 30 mm tube provides a large elevation and windage adjustment range. With large objectives and high transmission (>90%) Z6i scopes have outstanding low light performance. Due to their high resolution and large field of view, these scopes offer the ultimate in versatility and are suitable for various types of hunting and long-range shooting.

  • 6:1 zoom ratio in a 30 mm rifle scope
  • HD optics (models with 15X) for negligible color separation and extremely high color fidelity
  • Large eye relief of 3.74 in (95 mm) for greater safety
  • Large field of view and high magnification
  • Reticle in the second image plane with mrad reticle and turret units
  • Parallax correction with 109 yds (100 m) mark for rapid operation, even in the firing position
  • rectangular adjustment range for greater range of elevation
  • Patented SWAROVSKI OPTIK 4-point coil spring system for an ultra-stable point of aim
  • Locking, zero stop, ballistic turret and long-range reticle are optional on all models
  • SWAROCLEAN – Low surface energy, anti-stick coating that helps shed water and makes cleaning lenses easier
  • SWAROLIGHT – Automatic shut-off with inclination sensor; day/night modes; long battery life

HighPower Optics Evaluation: Z6i scopes are unmatched in optical performance. The HD objective is a triplet lens, instead of the more common doublet, and contains fluorite glass for superior color fidelity. The contrast and resolution are so good at 30X that a spotting scope is no longer needed. Z6i scopes have an exceptionally sharp, bright and clear image across their large field of view. The erector design provides a 10% wider field of view compared to other scopes at the same magnification. The field is flatter than competing scopes in this class. Unlike many high-zoom ratio scopes, the Z6i models do not exhibit “tunneling” at low magnification. That is, the field of view continues to increase as the magnification decreases all the way to the lower limit. The sight picture is clean at all magnification settings, with no vignetting at any magnification or elevation/windage setting. A large exit pupil diameter of about 9.5 mm is provided at the lowest magnification setting.

Mechanics, finish and quality control are outstanding. Turret clicks are crisp and accurate. Z6i scopes offer a parallax correction adjustment (55 yds – ∞) that is located opposite the windage turret. At 14.8- 21.9 oz, they light enough for any application. The BRX/BRH reticles can be used with any caliber. Both reticles are mil- based, with 1 mrad separation between dots when the magnification is set to the highest value. Windage hold- off marks are provided on horizontal bars located between the dots. These features make the BRX/BRH reticle incredibly versatile. For example, it is compatible with all ballistic programs that can output hold offs in mrad units. By dialing elevation 18 IPHY (5.0 mrad) up, the reticle range can be extended to at least 1,000 yds for flat shooting calibers. The BRX/BRH reticle can also be used to mil targets to determine range. The BRH is bolder than the BRX and is often preferred for hunting during the twilight hours before dawn and after dusk.

For those who prefer a ballistic compensated turret, the BT turret is available on both models and can be calibrated to any cartridge by the user. Combined with either a 4A reticle or the 4W reticle for precisely holding off windage, the BT turret provides a return-to-zero turret that allows accurate shots out to at least 500 yards. There are four user settable, color coded range indicators (including the cap). The ballistic turret allows nearly one rotation of elevation adjustment beyond the zero position. By zeroing at 100 yds, the four rings can be set to provide accurate elevation settings for 200, 300, 400 and 500 yds, for example. On some models, a 200-250 yd zero with a flat shooting caliber will allow the BT turret to reach out to 1,000 yds. Swarovski also offers a Custom BT turret that can be mounted in place of the standard BT turret.

SWAROLIGHT provides automatic turn-on and shut- off for illuminated reticles using an inclination sensor, and optimized electronics for higher battery life.

Micrometer Knobs are now a FREE OPTION with the purchase of a Swarovski Z3, Z5 or Z6(i) rifle scope. Indicate in the instructions box during check-out whether you want a Micrometer Knob for the elevation turret, windage turret, both turrets, or neither one.